What is the Morville Model?

honeycombYears ago, Peter Morville changed the way that people started to put together their websites. He created a model that helped put all of the important aspects of user-friendliness in order so that users got the most out of websites each time they visited. There were seven different points that were all connected in this model that helped create the best user experience possible.


The goal of every website is to be credible with its viewers. To build credibility, you need to have up to date content that is accurate. If you have old content, refresh it and make sure everything you suggest to viewers is still solid. Any old content that gives bad information has the potential of costing you viewers and lowering your credibility with anyone that peeks at your site.


Websites have to be able to be easily used, because if they cannot be used easily, people will find one that is. You want simple navigation, easy to find and read content, and a setup that is not going to confuse anyone that comes to your site. Plan your site out in a way that you would want to use, not in a way that you think others would benefit from. If it’s too complicated for you, others will likely feel the same way.


This is sometimes a forgotten point. Making a useful website does not mean that it is just useful for you, but that anyone who happens across your site can just as easily use it. You want solid information being presented to your visitors, not just content that is filled with keywords. That is not something your users are going to find useful. Offer them something they did not know before so that they learn your website is the one site they can turn to for great information.


You want everything on your website to be easily accessible. Don’t hide the important parts of your website with countless links. If your visitors cannot easily access what they need in a short amount of time, they are going to find a site that offers them these amenities. People have, unfortunately, gotten spoiled by using the internet. They expect results almost as quickly as they can click on a web page. This means that if you are designing a website based on being as user-friendly as possible, you need to make this as close to reality for visitors as possible.


BeFindableHaving an obscure domain name is going to make it harder for people to find you when they need you most. Make sure that every aspect of your website, from the decision on what name to use all the way through to the full design of your website, is made simple for each person that may be seeking you out in their time of need. This also helps you stay right in the front of their mind whenever they need what you have to offer.


Web design has to look nice in order for people to want to stay on the website. If the site is busy, disorganized, hard to look at due to graphics or flash components, or takes a long time to load, people will go elsewhere when they need services. Make your site visually appealing so that people like their experience enough to do it again.


You want to make sure you offer every visitor something of value. If you don’t, they will not return. They want information they can trust and they can rely on, so they know where to go next time they need your products or services. When customers value your website, they will return each time they need your wares.






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