Create a Website with Search Engine Friendly Designs

SEM2When it comes to designing a webpage, the design aesthetic is usually one of the first considerations – but did you know that it could affect how the website is ranking on a search engine? In fact, a search engine looks at a webpage differently than the average user and should be designed and structured in a way that makes it appealing to not only Internet visitors, but also search engines. There are a few things you can do when developing a website that will make it search engine friendly and keep it toward the top of search results.

Indexable Content

The first consideration that needs to be made when it comes to the design and layout of a website is to include ‘indexable content’. This means that important information pertaining to your blog or website must be created using HTML – even images should be given HTML to help search engines identify it with the test description. By incorporating HTML text throughout the webpage – putting an emphasis on essential phrases or words within the website – the page will become more visible to the search engines, thus becoming ranked higher for increased visibility and traffic. There are a number of available tools on the Internet that allow developers to see what parts of the webpage are indexable and visible to search engines – you might find that what is visible to you on a website is actually not visible at all to a search engine and could explain your lack of ranking.

Boosting Search Engine Ranking

Improve-the-ranking-of-your-websiteWhile a website created with Flash often looks appealing, the lack of HTML text on the page means it’s completely bare to a search engine.  The lack of links can also pose a problem for a website, as the search engine looks for links to locate the various content spread around a webpage. Linking all of the pages together within a website will allow the search engine spiders to navigate around all of the important HTML text and increase the ranking of a page. No matter how many keywords are found on a page or what great marketing techniques are used, if the pages aren’t connected they will not be considered in your search engine ranking.

While the look and ease of a website is important to draw the attention of visitors once they are on the webpage, getting them there is half the struggle! Using HTML text will keep any page search engine friendly in combination with a sleek, simple design.

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