Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Black hat vs White hat SEOSEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to those techniques that can improve the rank of your website. These can be categorized as black hat SEO and white hat SEO. White hat SEO are the general techniques of web designs that are implemented so that a higher rank can be achieved. All of these are ethical and abide by the policies. However, there are certain other techniques that do provide you with a higher rank but are not considered ethical. These are the black hat SEO techniques.

We will first give a general overview of both these techniques and then we will go onto describing them from a number of different aspects.

General Overview

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO methods are ethical methods for optimizing a website in order to increase online visibility and achieve a better rank. All of these techniques are focused on a targeted audience and abide the policies and rules which search engines require.  They are totally based on the rules and are effective. The only thing is that results take more time to appear. However once this happens, the acquired ranks are also stable and remain that way for prolonged periods. Thus, white hat SEO provides you with long term results and can be regarded as the most effective methods of optimizing your website.

White hat SEO includes techniques such as research, keyword density, quality content and relevant link building.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO also provides you with a better rank by making use of unethical practices that do not follow the required rules. Web designs regard black hat SEO as aggressive that does provide quick results but they do not last long. If search engines catch a hint of these techniques, your website will ultimately be penalized or banned.

Keyword stuffing, link farming and hidden text are all considered as black hat SEO.

Highlighting the Differences

Meta Tags

Black hat SEO involves spamming and stuffing

mpj7bWhen you spam or stuff Meta tags, you do nothing good for your rank. Instead, the search engine just flags you site as one that is based on black hat SEO. Search engines are based on algorithms that help them identify when Meta tags are being stuffed. Let us consider an example about a website that offers pest control in LA. Now the Meta name will be given as pest control LA, rodent pest control LA, bedbug pest control LA. As for the Meta description, it can be read as ‘We offer effective pest control LA methods. Contact us for pest control LA.  We offer the best rates of pest control LA.’

White hat SEO is based on a solid keyword

White hat SEO is based on targeting keywords phrase that represent the website. However, this time there is no stiffing. In this case, the Meta name can be given as effective pest control LA and the description can be given as the ‘We are a reputed company that offers pest control LA. Contact us and we will eliminate all pests in your house at affordable rates.


Black hat SEO uses hidden content

Content on your website can be hidden, but all the techniques are regarded as black hat SEO. An example of hidden content is white text on a white background; this text is stiffed with keywords. Another example is to hide keywords within the comment tags.

White hat SEO uses quality content

White hat SEO concerns developing valuable content that targets keywords, but this is done in a manner in which the flow appears natural.

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